4S Wildlife Solutions – 20% Premium Deer Pellets (Plus)

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4S Wildlife Solutions – 20% Premium Deer Pellets (Plus)

Our top-of-the-line 20% premium deer pellet is what we consider to be a complete feed ration high in protein to be fed during the antler growing months–Spring & Summer. This feed consists of high-quality by-pass protein, non-by-pass protein, vitamins, chelated minerals, and elevated levels of fat/energy. It also contains our proprietary researched HEAT formula: a specific solution for the nutrients a deer requires to support health, reproduction, and growth.

  • COMPLETE RATION FEED: From protein to vitamins & minerals, everything a deer’s body needs & craves is packed into a sole ration. Organic dewormer, organic tick control, 2 different kinds of chelated minerals & more.
  • PROPRIETARY HEAT FORMULA: Prebiotics, Probiotics, Yeast Cell Walls Extract and Essential Fatty Acids.
  • MAXIMIZES GROWTH POTENTIAL: Gives deer the nutrients they need to grow to their full potential
  • HIGH PALATABILITY: Balanced rations & strong attracting flavor to keep deer around
  • PROTEIN PACKED: 20% Protein rations (We guarantee 20% but our most recent monthly quality control tests show protein rations around 22% as fed)
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