4S Wildlife Solutions – Corn Spike Flavor Additive

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4S Wildlife Solutions – Corn Spike Flavor Additive

After logging years of field tests and formulating the perfect blend of aroma, attraction, and flavor, we were convinced to share this product with other hunters. Why? Because it works. Meet Corn Spike, a simple but effective additive that gives deer feed a major boost in both flavor and aroma. You’ll know how powerful it is the second the smell hits your nose–Imagine what a deer thinks. Simply add the desired amount to your feed, mix it in evenly, and give your deer feed the boost it needs in both attraction and flavor. The deer will thank you.

– POCKET CAN: Treats up to 100lbs of corn/pellets/grain
– THE SHAKER: Treats up to 1,000lbs of corn/pellets/grain
– THE BUCKET: Treats up to 4,000lbs of corn/pellets/grain

  • GIVES CORN AN IDENTITY: Adds a strong aromatic and flavor to your everyday deer feed to help attract more deer from longer distances
  • INCREASE DEER ACTIVITY: Proven in independent testing to increase deer activity and consumption near feed sites
  • SIMPLE & INEXPENSIVE: A simple and effective solution to boosting your everyday deer feed
  • PRO TIP: Use Corn Spike consistently to get deer familiar with the scent. From then on use it only when hunting or gathering pictures. The aroma is likely to create habitual patterns and deer will know fresh food is on the ground when they smell it.
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